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Mentoring & Grants

Translation Mentoring Scheme

The French Network started the Translation Mentoring Scheme in the summer of 2020. The plan is to pair up to 20 mentors and mentees each year, depending on the level of interest.

The scheme is part funded by the network and part paid by the mentee. Mentees discuss their goals with their mentor and then receive three texts of around 500 words to translate over the course of six months. Mentoring is open to both newcomers to the profession and those who want feedback from a specialised colleague.

See how some of our Translation Mentoring Scheme pairs have got on here.

For more information and to apply, please contact our Translation Mentoring Coordinator, .

Download the guidelines (PDF).

Business Mentoring

In addition to the Translation Mentoring Scheme, the French Network also launched the Business Mentoring Scheme in the summer of 2020. Unlike the Translation Mentoring Scheme that is open to everyone, the Business Scheme is specifically aimed at language professionals with 2+ years of experience. The scheme is not intended to be used to develop translation / interpreting / language skills, but rather to provide support and advice about how to run a business, covering areas such as pricing, identifying new clients and raising your online profile.

For more information and to apply, please contact our Business Mentoring Coordinator, .

Download the guidelines (PDF).

Here's a short video from Sarah, explaining what it's all about.


Training Grant

The network has a small number of grants available to its members to help cover the costs of attending training events. This grant is to cover 50% of the cost (course fee + 2nd class travelling expenses), up to a maximum grant of £60, per person, per annum, with a lifetime cap of £400. These grants are intended to help network members attend professional development events, including those not organised by the ITI. These could include business skills seminars, subject updates, technology training, conferences or other personal and/or professional development courses. These grants are entirely at the discretion of the committee and depend upon the state of the network's finances, which varies from year to year.

MITI Upgrade Grant

The network is also offering any Affiiate or Associate member of ITI who has been part of the network for 2 years or more the opportunity to apply for a £100 grant towards the cost of upgrading their ITI membership and sitting the MITI exam. These grants will be allocated on a first come first served basis, based on total funds set aside per membership year and at the discretion of the committee.

For more information about the eligibility criteria and applying for these grants, please contact our Treasurer, .

Download the Grants Policy (PDF).

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