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The French Network occasionally organises events for the benefit of members. On this page you will find details of future events and listings of external events which may be of interest.

Assistance with training events
Thanks to our healthy financial position, the French Network committee is sometimes able to offer grants to any member who would like to organise an event. The grants are intended to help with expenses such as the cost of hiring a venue, the cost of a speaker or travelling expenses, or costs connected with a networking lunch. If you would like to organise an event, please contact our coordinator with a rough idea of the costs involved and we will consider how much we would be able to provide.

The French Network also has a small budget for training grants, for ITI members of the French Network, to cover 50% of the cost (course fee + 2nd class travelling expenses), up to a maximum grant of £60, per person, per annum, with a lifetime cap of £400. These grants are intended to help network members attend professional development events, including those not organised by the ITI. These could include business skills seminars, subject updates, technology training, conferences or other personal and/or professional development courses. These grants are entirely at the discretion of the committee and depend upon the state of the network's finances, which varies from year to year

Upcoming Events

Editing and Revising workshop on Saturday 9th November 2019

Do you sometimes struggle to distance yourself from your own translations? Are you always sure what a client wants when they ask you to ‘proof-read’ a colleague’s translation? Have you ever wondered how far you can go in changing someone else’s work?

These are some of the questions we’ll be tackling in this half-day workshop on (self-)editing and revision. Janet Fraser FITI will lead the morning session for those working from French to English, and Brigitte Ponsart will lead the afternoon session for those working from English to French. Both sessions will be hands-on, using real-life texts, and all participants will have a chance to network over a shared lunch.

By the end of the workshop, you will be more confident and more systematic in your approach both to your own work and to revising and editing colleagues' work.

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