Translation Mentoring

In the French Network, we’ve been running our translation mentoring scheme since 2020. We pair up mentors and mentees, based on their goals, experience and areas of specialism.

Mentoring is one of the benefits of joining the French Network. It is aimed both at newcomers to the profession (but not students)  and to experienced translators who want feedback from a specialist or to explore new areas.

The scheme is part funded by the network and part by each mentee. We select a potential mentor depending on the mentee’s requirements. Mentors then assign a total of 3 translations of roughly 500 words that are to be completed within about six months.

Hear how some of our mentoring pairs have got on, in the mentoring reports on our blog.

For more information about the scheme and to apply, please contact our Translation Mentoring Coordinator, Cherry Shelton.

Business Mentoring

In addition to the Translation Mentoring Scheme, the French Network also launched the Business Mentoring Scheme in the summer of 2020. The business scheme is specifically aimed at language professionals with two or more years of experience.

The scheme is not intended to be used to develop translation, interpreting or language skills, but rather to provide support and advice about how to run a business, covering areas such as pricing, identifying new clients and raising your online profile.

For more information about the scheme and to apply, please contact our Business Mentoring Coordinator, Sarah Bowyer.

Here’s a short video from Sarah, explaining what it’s all about.