Meet Our Members

  • Sue Farmery
    Who are you? Please introduce yourself I’m Sue Farmery, a freelance French to English translator living in Oxfordshire with my husband and two children (although one is away at Uni most of the time now). I grew up in Hertfordshire and after spending 4 years in Surrey, France and Spain completing my undergraduate degree, IContinue reading “Sue Farmery”
  • Hadrien Beauvais
    Bonjour, quelques mots pour te présenter ? Bonjour, je m’appelle Hadrien. Je suis un français vivant au Royaume-Uni depuis environ cinq ans. J’habite dans la ville de Preston dans le comté du Lancashire. Interprétation ou traduction — ou les deux peut-être ? Quels sont tes domaines de spécialisation ? J’effectue de la traduction ainsi que d’autres tâches de localisation.Continue reading “Hadrien Beauvais”
  • Mathilde Grignon
    Bonjour, quelques mots pour te présenter ? Bonjour, Je m’appelle Mathilde. J’ai grandi à Caen, en Normandie, et j’ai vécu à Nantes, Rennes, Paris, Bergen (Norvège) et Tokyo avant de poser mes bagages à Brighton (Hove, actually), en Angleterre, où je suis installée avec mon mari, ma fille et bientôt un petit garçon. Juriste de formation,Continue reading “Mathilde Grignon”
  • Francesca Gatenby
    Who are you? Please introduce yourself.I’m Francesca, I translate from French and German into English and work with a range of private and corporate clients. I am also a member of the Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters committee, where I coordinate the YTI Network’s social media presence. After several years of working in advertising and marketing – bothContinue reading “Francesca Gatenby”

Grant Reports

Event Reports

  • Specialisation Panel on International Development
    On Tuesday 27 February 2024, the ITI French Network held its first specialisation panel focussing on International Development. Celine Garbutt reports on her experience. The ITI French Network specialisation panel on international development was opened by moderator Holly-Anne Whyte, an MITI French and Spanish into English translator specialising in human rights, sustainable development and socialContinue reading “Specialisation Panel on International Development”
  • New year quiz and social
    On 12th January, our industrious events team – Holly-Anne Whyte and Alanah Reynor – helped launch us into 2024 with an opportunity to have some fun and network with colleagues during our New Year quiz and social. Written by Hélène Wilkinson As participants joined this popular event, the first thing that happened was that theirContinue reading “New year quiz and social”
  • Translation Process Chat
    Written by Rob Calkin Many of us attended the FrenchNet translation process chat arranged by Holly-Anne Whyte and Alanah Reynor on 2 March. This is a broad but relevant topic, and we couldn’t possibly cover everything in one hour! We had three breakout sessions around 15 to 20 minutes each, taking three themes from theContinue reading “Translation Process Chat”
  • September Termstorm
    Hosted by the ITI French Network Written by Alison Hill Campbell I was looking forward to taking part in the second FrenchNet termstorm, since I’d proposed my personal bugbear term “acteur” for discussion and it had been chosen. Having tackled it the day before in revision club, I was prepared to accept that maybe “stakeholders”Continue reading “September Termstorm”

Mentoring Reports