MITI Upgrade Grant – recipient Laura Glancey

In 2020, the French Network was delighted to launch our MITI upgrade grant. Recipients receive funds to help cover the cost of upgrading to Qualified ITI Member status. Laura Glancey is a French and Russian to English translator, specialising in business documents and user guides.

I did my first degree in Modern Languages, what seems a very long time ago, but then wandered into corporate IT after graduation. After a fairly long career break to bring up a family, I decided to return to my first love and started a part-time, distance learning MA in Translation in 2013. The course leader recommended joining a professional organisation, so I became a Student member of ITI in 2014.

Several years later, having moved through Affiliate to Associate membership, I decided it was time to take the plunge and upgrade to MITI. I knew that I wanted to demonstrate my professional commitment to the industry, and I was also hoping that having an entry in the ITI directory would help me find new clients.

I first heard about the Qualification Supported Assessment (QSA) route at the ITI Conference in Sheffield in 2019, so I went onto the ITI website to investigate what the requirements were, and was delighted to find that attaining a Distinction in my MA meant that I qualified for this route. I won’t deny that not having to take an exam to upgrade was definitely appealing! Taking the test on the Code of Professional Conduct was pretty straightforward, and I had no problem getting a couple of references from clients. My CPD for the last three years was already logged on the ITI system as a matter of course. That just left the personal statement – a 400-500 word statement on why I wanted to become an MITI, how I would benefit from membership and how I would contribute to the community. Writing this took a bit of thought, but it was a useful exercise.

Having assembled my portfolio of evidence, I sent off my application at the start of November 2022, and was really pleased to hear back less than a week later that I had been successful. I set about changing my email signature, CV, LinkedIn and website accordingly, and then something (I can’t remember what) reminded me that the French Network offers grants for membership upgrades. I found the information on the network’s website, and emailed Emmanuelle for details. Applying was very easy, and the grant is very welcome; the QSA route is slightly cheaper than taking the examination, but it’s still a considerable outlay.

I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about upgrading to go for it – the process of applying was much less scary than I was expecting, and the sense of achievement and validation alone makes it worth it!