Quiz and social, January 2021

Hosted by the ITI French Network

by Richard Lackey

On a gloomy January day, the ITI French network held its first ever online quiz and social. After reporting recent committee changes and advertising our two mentoring schemes, Stephanie Donat brilliantly guided us through a fun filled afternoon.

The quiz was split into five sections on Food, French expressions, Sport, History and Geography, and finally Music. Held on the AhaSlides platform, each of the 54 participants was able to enter their answers on their phone or second screen, and Stephanie read out the answers and a few facts after each section. We learnt that surprisingly only 45% of French people eat bread every day, that Roland Garros was a pilot not a tennis player, and that “sucrer les fraises” (literally, to sugar your strawberries) can mean both to shake uncontrollably and to be very old. After the quiz, we decamped to smaller Zoom Breakout rooms to have a chat and catch up.

Natalia Desorgues took home a £50 national book voucher for winning first place, and runners up Sophie Leguil and Nelia Fahloun will also receive vouchers. There was no wooden spoon (you’re secret’s safe), but there were calls for an encore later in the year!